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Post by LibbyB » Sat Aug 05, 2017 11:08 pm

Hi. I just bought my 2004 SS Monte Carlo a few weeks ago from a small dealer our daughter had bought a used Pontiac 1000 from years ago which had lasted almost forever. I had contacted him when my 1998 Cutlass needed to have its frame welded back on, as he used to run a paint and body shop, but he said he was now retired from that. I asked him if he had any cars he was planning to sell soon and he told me he had a Monte Carlo he was working on...I told him I would read up on them and get back to him if interested.

I took the Cutlass to a larger body ship and was told the welding job would be touchy and costly, as it was near the gas lines and etc, so I called back my retired small dealer and drove down with DH to see the Monte Carlo. It was love at first sight--comfortable leather bucket seats, a sun roof, enormous side windows and doors, and a great trunk--plus it was no larger than my Cutlass! I included the Cutlass in the transaction in hopes that he could work a miracle with it, as it still ran fine after me driving it since 2004 when Bob N., our local garage mechanic, rebuilt the motor.

It was not until we were in the notary's office and the purchase was completed that the realization dawned on me that this car was a supercharged Dale Earnhardt Commemorative! I had at that point only driven it on a back road to try it out...but when I pulled out onto the highway to take it home there was no problem whatsoever merging in front of the Mac truck barreling downhill at me. Brrrrrroooooooommmmm! It was actually a bit of a shock, as I had never driven anything with so much power before. It felt like I had taken off in a rocket. The dealer had mentioned to me that he noticed I went easy on the accelerator, so I guess he assumed I would not overdo it--which I haven't.

I had to ask our local garage guy, Bob N., if my Monte was supposed to sound like it did or if I would need to be replacing the muffler soon. He informed me that is how a sports car is supposed to sound. He also told me he used to have a 2004 just like mine, so I will be relying on him to help me out keeping mine in good repair--and he now wants to get another one himself!

So far all I've had to get is new front tires, which match the back ones in size and type... but I want to know as much about how to take care of a 2004 Monte as I can, so I applied to join this Forum, and look forward to reading all of the pointers in here. I hope I didn't make a mistake getting an undercoating when I bought it, but I will be using my Monte as a daily driver so want to do whatever I can to stave off corrosion. (Bob N. later told me that the de-icers being placed on the roads in wintertime now stick rather than washing off as salt did, and are causing a lot of corrosion.)

People around here really notice this car. When I was shopping for vegetables at Strites' Farmer's Market the other day, an older man saw me coming out loaded with vegetables heading for my Monte and said, "Does that belong to you? I told him that yup, it did, and it had taken about 20 years off my age. I guess not too many women using a cane and in their mid 70's are tooling around in sports cars!

I still can't believe my good luck in getting this car. I guess I just made the right phone call at the right time and got lucky.

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