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May 2005
These 3 Monte Carlos are owned by
Judy Graumlich




1987 SS


1999 Z34

The Story........

Judy Graumlich’s 3 Monte’s...

It all started back in 1984 shortly after I got my license. I was looking for my first car. I just happened to be passing by a used car lot and there it was, an ’81 Monte Carlo.  I instantly fell in love with the car. There was something about the style that I just could not pass it by. I spoke with my parents, which at that time, my dad co-signed for me and I had the Monte for six years with about 90,000 plus miles on it.

I sold it outright and bought another car. Several years later, I saw another Monte Carlo but this one turned out to be an SS. It grabbed my attention, so I had to see it.  That evening I came home a little earlier so I could see the car up close. First, I just drove around it and I was surprised to see how good condition it was in.

By this time, it was starting to get too dark to see every detail on this silver ’87 SS gray interior with only 25,400 miles on it. I thought to myself that this car had to be restored with over 100,000 miles on it to look this good.  The next day, I went to work, and passed by where the Monte was sitting. That evening, I was going to see it but it was gone. I was very upset.  So the next morning, due to unpredictable weather conditions, the car was not sitting out. By this time it’s Saturday morning, a work day for me, and the car reappeared.

Immediately after work, I was determined to see the car . . . and it was still out! This time, I looked at it more in detail and then test drove it.  It turned out the Monte was for serious buyers only. I said to my husband, I would love to have another Monte Carlo.  Four years later and 33,100 miles, I still enjoy my silver Monte SS. I love showing her off and she gets a lot of attention.

Now for my third Monte Carlo . . . a red ’99 Z34, which is my everyday car.  I know that this model is not popular with the club, but I like the color. Unfortunately, my other car was starting to have engine problems and I came upon the Z34.  Shortly after I got the Monte, an idea came to mind to add graphics to it and change the looks. Now it’s one of a kind with Z34 writing and silver and black stripes on the sides, and a Monte Carlo logo - which is done in silver - across the top of the windshield.

So that’s the story of . . . Judy’s 3 Monte’s!

My husband and I have attended the 18th and 19th Monte Nationals and have enjoyed both of them.

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