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     May 2004    
This 1970 Monte Carlo
is owned by Rob Peters



The Story........


I purchased my first Monte Carlo new from a dealer in August of 1970.  I was just back from Southeast Asia and had enough money saved up from flight pay, hazardous duty pay, combat pay and my regular military pay.  Since I had been flying over what was a combat area all this pay was TAX FREE.

I was home on leave in Jacksonville, Fla. And saw an ad for a 70 Monte at a dealership on the other side of town.  I pointed the ad out to my dad and he said “At that price and with the options it had that the ad was just a hook to get you into the dealership so they could sell you something else.”  My dad went on to say “and besides, you never buy a car the First Year it is produced, you wait until they get all the bugs worked out.”  I called the dealer who told me they still had several to choose from.  My dad and I went for a  test drive one and we both fell in love with the car.

I drove that car for about 10 years and my mother always told me “Don’t ever sell that car, it is going to be a classic someday”.  Of course young men never listen to their mothers like they should and I sold the Monte to buy an Oldsmobile Cutlass.

As the years passed I always missed that Monte and a few years ago I started  my quest for another First Generation Monte.  I found a very nice one near my house and a deal was struck.  I rented a garage, to put it into, and the guy backed out of the deal.  The search continued with a long road trip to Indy to look at one in “SHOWROOM CONDITION”.  The only thing I can think is the showroom collapsed in on that car because it was not even worth anything as a parts car.

I found my current car in Philly.  It was a two-owner car.  The first owner was the Grand-parents of Mike Mussina, who is a pitcher for the New York Yankees, and the second owner was Mrs. Mussina’s best friend.

The car is a low mileage, 39,000, original car with the only thing being done to it is new paint prior to me purchasing it.  Since I have owned the car I have done some chrome and trim replacement and rebuilt the suspension.  When I rebuilt the suspension I found it had never been touched and still had the original ball joints and shocks.

This car has some rare options including two tone paint with a Classic White roof and Astro Blue lower, fully functional fiber optic light monitoring system, windshield washer bottle fiber optic level indicator, interior courtesy lighting, trunk and engine compartment lighting, fiber optic ashtray light, rear view mirror map light and bumper guards.  The interior is the original interior from the headliner to and including the carpeting and is in excellent condition.  The car has the original 350 2barrell which appears to have never been opened for anything except normal maintenance.

My wife, Patsy, and I drove the Monte down to Atlanta for the First Generation Monte Carlo Club 2002 national meet and received the award for the longest distance driven and was also honored to be presented with the Members Choice Award.  The car rode and drove like a dream on the trip all the way to and from Atlanta and the trip was trouble free with the exception of having to tighten the nuts securing the exhaust pipe to the heat riser and exhaust manifold.  The meet was a blast and it was great to get to meet so many of the members and put some faces to names.

My son Patrick and I drove the car to the 2003 NMCOA meet in Ohio and had a great time and came home with a 2nd place plaque.

Rob Peters


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