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January 2006
This 1971 Monte Carlo SS
 is owned by George Primm




By:  George Primm

 I grew-up in Downers Grove, Illinois, 3 blocks south of Downers Grove North High school & walked to Jr. Hi, which was one block from the high school.  I saw many muscle cars from the late 60࡮d early 70ࣲuising everyday and I determined I liked cars with long hoods and short trunks; Cudas, Mustangs, Chevelles and Monte Carlos.  My first car was a slant six 1968 4-door Valiant but I knew I was a Chevy guy. 

Forward to 1984.  I already owned (and still do) a Cottonwood Green small block 1971 Monte that I bought in Greenville, SC in 1979 and read in Super Chevy that they made a 1971 Monte SS454.  On the train after work one evening I saw a 1971 Monte SS advertised in the Chicago Tribune.  I called and he said it was a big block.  I visited the South Chicago location and looked for what I read were distinct Monte SS items.  The original spare was still in the car and the odometer read around 55,000.  I bought the car from the lady owner and she gave the money to her boyfriend so he could complete his candy-apple read 砇TO. cheap longchamp bags We came to a price and I drove it home a few days later.  It stayed in storage for a few years while I accumulated parts.  At that time, I needed all the body chrome parts and Chevrolet still had them all!!  I also paid $5 to have the state of IL. give me a copy of the previous titles, so I know the dates the car was sold.  When I first saw the car the Sandalwood cloth interior was covered in plastic, and the owner didn૮ow why.  The reason would be found out soon. 

The restoration was started around 1987 in a one-car garage in Darien.  When I took the back seat out, I found 3 buildsheets. The car was the 16th car built on Friday, December 11, 1970.   I sent a copy to Triple-A Enterprises in Indianapolis to have a window sticker reproduced and when I got it back, there was a note from the owner saying that the buildsheet had and unusual item on the bottom, 㺦nbsp; Sid Bergstromനe ordering dealer code was the Zone office and delivered to City Chevrolet on S. Michigan Ave. in Chicago in January, 1971.  I contacted the Zone office and Sid Bergstrom was retired in Michigan and was the person who ordered the cars for the Chicago Auto Show.  It has every option but 2, including tilt wheel.  I still wonder why tilt wheel wasn௲dered.  The seats had been covered for the show. 

When I bought the car, it was a medium blue and the guy said he had rebuilt the engine, but friend and Northern Illinois Chevelle Club member Andy Marchiando encouraged me to take the engine apart while I had the car stripped.  It had spun a bearing along the way and the 墵ild鮣luded putting new bearings in it.  The crank was turned and new rings were put on the factory stock pistons along with a Crane Cams stock cam and lifters.  The heads were rebuilt.  At that time I worked at Heller Financial and one of the clients was Certified Automotive Warehouse on south Ashland in Chicago.  I bought all the parts needed to rebuild it there, including an original exhaust lead pipe.  That saved huge money.  It needed quarters and fenders, so I got new quarters and had them put on along with fenders.  It was repainted the original Placer Gold by Dave Marchiando using lacquer base and clear.  The gas tank had been undercoated so I spent hours using a single-edge razor blade to reveal the original finish. cheap longchamp;

It made its first outing to the 1988 MotorRama show at McCormick place where it got 1st Place.  I have since continued detailing it.  In 2003 Chevrolet called and asked if I could bring it to their Woodward Dream Cruise display at the Chevrolet Triangle.  For that I put the original tires on it and was one of 10 cars that year to display.  That was the best thing that could happen to a Chevrolet guy.  In June, 2004 it dropped an exhaust valve upon start-up but it didnਵrt anything.  The heads were rebuilt at Borowski Race Enterprises using Comp Cams springs.  At this time the engine was pulled, new gaskets installed and the engine detailed. 

Some info. on this car:  454 c.i., 365hp, Turbo 400 AT, 3.31 posi, 12 bolt, body is Placer Gold (code 53) with a black vinyl top, Sandalwood, code 716 interior.  It has many options, including power windows, seats, door locks and trunk opener, sports steering wheel, auxiliary lighting (trunk, hood, ash tray and courtesy interior lights), tinted glass, floor mats, rear window defogger, special instrumentation, AM/FM stereo radio, G70-15 Goodyear Polyglass white walls.  Have the original spare, with all the ink marks and stickers and the other original tires.  The tires are used only for display and have tubes in them. 

The Monte was built on the Chevelle frame in the same factory and was referred to as the ᮫ers Chevelle鮠some factory advertisements.  I am a banker and while that isn࡬l that unusual, believe me, some days at work I have to think of and look at pictures of my two 1971 Montes in order to get through the day !!!  I enjoy all 70-72 Monte Carlos and those who own them.  Throughout the years I have met and made some of my very best friends through my love of Chevrolets and Monte Carlos.  That alone is worth the price of admission. 

Finally, I have not pushed any of my family (2 sons and 2 daughters) toward cars , they堪ust been dragged along to national conventions, swap meets, car shows, drag races, etc.  Granted, my family vehicle has the license plate of 薙 MAN͊ but I really have not pushed them (I donനink so, at least).  It is comforting to know that my kids share this love and my oldest son is counting the days until he can buy his first 1971 Monte Carlo. cheap longchamp bags

缯font>This is the Monte with the original tires on it.  This was after attending the 2004 Woodward Dream Cruise at the Chevy Triangle as 1 of 10 official display cars.

John Moss, former director of Chevrolet਩gh performance effort (father of the 䭒96 Impala SS) noticed the Monte at the Chevrolet Display in August, 2004 and had his picture taken by it.  That was cool.



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