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January 2005
This 1974 Monte Carlo "Junkyard Molly" is owned by
Tommy Miller - Dallas Texas




The Story.......
Jan 2004: My Birthday present to myself. Little did I know, that on my
search for trim and bumper fillers, I would find my new restoration
project that I will be driving to the Monte convention in 2005, and
hopefully winning an award!

I saw this rust free car sitting far in the back of my local junkyard
that sells exclusively to dirt track drivers, and purchased it for $250
knowing I was saving it from a sure visit to the crusher. I was lucky
it did not have a salvage title so the transfer was easy via a
mechanic's lien. It's kind of cool that the title that is now in my
name says the previous owner is "Miller's Garage" (My garage). I don't
name cars usually, but the name "Junkyard Molly" just came to me that
same night I took it home, obviously because it came from a junkyard,
and I guess Molly rhymes with Monte too, but I didn't think any of that
at the time, it just sounded right to me.

Over the past year, I have removed the front clip, and completed a
frame up restoration from the firewall forward, I cleaned up the rear
end and gas tank, Laid POR 15 on the frame, and removed and reinstalled
all the windows on the car. I got a newly rebuilt 350 and tranny from,
believe it or not, a wrecked 76 Monte Carlo which also provided the
white seats to compliment the blue interior. I gutted and reinstalled
the freshened up interior with new carpet. I added a replacement hood
and fenders due to a couple of dents, and with all the factory original
chrome still in tact, it should be ready to paint with a little help
from the IRS, although it looks pretty good right now! As of last week,
it has actually been upgraded to daily driver status. I think it would
be great, exactly one year after being rescued to be featured in the

I am also the founder of the a-body showcase, a
group dedicated to 2nd gen Montes with over 400 members worldwide, and
in addition to Molly, I own an all original 73 Monte, and another 74
Monte that I have owned since I was 18.

See you at the show!


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