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December 2005
This 1976 Monte Carlo is owned by Duane Cadwell


The Story.......

My story begins around 1978 or so when my father and I went to go look at a 1976 Monte Carlo.  A co-worker of his ordered it new and it was delivered 12-19-75 to Ronald Sharp who lived in Rochester NY.

We went to see it, and immediately were awe struck. The car had around 1200 miles on it and Ron was selling it for $5000 dollars, we were trying not to be too excited when my father got the bankers check out. The car originally came with turbine rims and single exhaust, but Ron put duals on it immediately when he bought the car. The car was ordered with the factory 400/350 combo, 2.73 posi rear, and triple black with crushed velour swivel buckets and deluxe interior, every option except lighted vanity mirror.

When my father had the car he tried appliance wire wheels on it for a while during the 80's. I have pics of this time period but they are old Kodak instant pics. I even have one with me and my senior prom date next to it [1985] with the wire wheels and black wall tires. During the next phase, he went to rally wheels and Kelley Springfield white wall tires, we also replaced the cross member with one I picked up in San Diego. My father decided to have a little custom pinstriping done on the car, and had his initials put in a bowtie under the door lock on the doors.

The car led a pampered life in the garage. I loved the car so much I had a extra set of keys made for the car, without my dad knowing I took the car out a couple of times , My father and I went to a lot of cruises with this car and have not seen another, at all like it or optioned the way it is.

My father was diagnosed with cancer in 1996 and he started to drive the car more, up to 38000 miles by this time, he passed away in November that year. The car ended going to his girlfriend at the time and would not let me have it because of sentimental value to her. So 5 years went by and I finally did a DMV search on the car to find out where it was, and found out she had sold it without letting me have first dibs on the car. I managed to contact the owner in Patchogue, NY, and bought it back. It needed a little TLC but was in very nice shape with 42000 miles on it.

Now that I have the car, I have done a few upgrades to it, the upper end needed valve seals and I decided to go with vortec bowtie heads and a performer intake, with a comp cams XE 268 cam, and headers with 2 chamber flowmaster mufflers. The trans got a B&M trans pack and cooler. The suspension got KYB shocks with Herb Adams sway bars and Corvette ralleys with 50 series BFG radials. The motor looks stock and painted but runs really well for a car this size, 14 flat at about 100mph, with the stock 1500 stall converter and 2.73 gears.

I was able to go to the convention last June and drove the car about 1600 miles round trip, the car ran great and people were able to see my pride and joy. The personal plates that I decided to put on the car pretty much fits the car, DRKNIGHT [darknight] being all black. To this day the car has all the original paint, motor [short block], trans. and interior. I love it when people look at the car, and remember when they had one, and wished they still had the Monte Carlo they once owned. Thank you, Duane Cadwell.



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