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December 2004
This 1975 Monte Carlo is owned by Matt Telliga




The Story.......
I have always held a special place in my heart for Monte Carlos.
While in high school I dreamed of having a second generation Monte. It turned out that my first car was a 1978 Monte. I loved that car and still have dreams that I've found it or still own it. I used to wash and wax the car so much my father used to say that I was going to wear the paint off ! It was the car I had in college and I have so many fond memories of. I traded in my beloved car in 1981 for a new better equipped 1982 Olds Cutlass Supreme. It seemed like a smart move at the time.
I always hoped that some day I would have another 1978 Monte Carlo. In 2003 I decided to set forth on the journey of finding a "classic Monte Carlo". I first started looking for a 1978 but learned it was a very popular car to be converted to low riders and the movie Training Day had added to it's popularity. I contacted a car wholesaler I knew in Las Vegas and he said finding one in mint condition was going to be a tall task. So I decided to open up my hunt to include second generations too.Nike Air Max Dam
 I had always admired the second generation design and it was the car I coveted in High School in the mid 1970's. I scoured papers and the internet. Finding one was more of a challenge than I thought it would be. There were many to be found nationally, but many were in poor condition and it seemed this generation rusted easily. I printed out and called on dozens of ads. A 1975 Monte in Pennsylvania caught my interest. I called and found out that it was owned by the original owners.Billiga Nike Air Max It had only experienced one winter in it's life and had  been driven only 500 miles in the past 11 years. They only had one picture with the ad but offered to mail me additional photos. The car was black and my friends said it was meant to be mine since the last eight cars I have owned have been black in color. I made an offer and a good friend and I set off for a six hour drive from Southeast Michigan to Pittsburgh to hopefully come back with a car. My friend owns a body shop and is quite knowledgeable about cars so I took him as my inspection expert.
We arrived in Pittsburgh and took the car out for a test drive. We stopped and he got out and looked it over. He said you'll never find another car that is unrestored and in this nice of condition. If I were you I take it now before they decided to raise the price Nike air max!
I have loved being the second owner of this car. My two favorite options are the factory power sunroof and the working 8 track tape player. This generation of Monte seems to be a forgotten car. I frequently will attend cruises with over a thousand cars and will be the only second generation Monte there.
I usually attend with my buddy who has a '71 Chevelle SS convertible a much more desirable collector's car. But my Monte always gathers more attention. It seems that everyone has a story about owning one or going to the prom in one.Nike Air Max Rea Sverige However, I still dream of some day owning my true first love a 1978 Monte Carlo!
Owner:  Matt Telliga, Grand Blanc, Michigan
1975 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Second Owner
Unrestored, 26,050 miles
Delivered 1/21/75 Baierl Chevrolet, Wexford PA
Options:  Black exterior, Black Vinyl Top
 Turbo Hydramatic, Skyroof, Vinyl Interior
 Rally Wheels, Positraction, White sidewalls
 sport mirrors, AM/FM 8 track
Delivered Price: $5173.10

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