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     April 2005    
This 2002 Monte Carlo SS
is owned by Christina Bauer




My Monte Story.....

            While shopping  for my Monte, I skipped the decision factor (because it was never a factor).  I visited the all the local dealerships in the St. Louis area looking for the “ONE”.  Then after seeing many Monte’s, internet searches, and many phone calls.  I found it!  When I arrived at the dealership it was raining.  After driving through the lot I laid eyes on this Dark Green Monte Carlo SS and the sun began to shine.  I knew then this is it (even before the test drive).  It did not matter that it was not supercharged I wanted it and had to have it.  After getting the keys for the test drive,  I unlocked the doors and began to enter when I noticed black and leather too.  It had every option for a 2002 and best of all I did not have to order it new, because I am way to impatient. 

            Now that it is all mine it’s time to make it mine.  I loved my Monte just the way it was but it needed something.  I wanted something different and unique a one of a kind.  I had many visions of what to do to this MC.  I wanted it to look like no other.  It already did because I had never seen another the same color in the 6 months that I had owned it.  However that was not good enough.  It needed to be even more unique.  So I began shopping for after market products.  After shopping for several months I could not decide on a custom paint job or decals one stripe or two, the ram air hood or both.  Even the little modifications to the appearance were tough decisions because I was unable to vision it. 

            While at work one day I was admiring some custom work to a 2003 competition yellow Monte Carlo SS with ghost flames.  It was the most beautiful 6th generation Monte I had ever seen.  While drooling, the owner returned to his vehicle and so what else do you do when you get caught?  You ask lots of questions.  I discovered that hey this guy owns a customizing shop with his son.  And has a great looking MC!  So I called, and over the course of a month I made a trip to the shop.  While explaining what I wanted done but also being clear that I was undecided. A few weeks later I fell in love all over again.  I knew that the black mirrors had to go, the windows needed tinted, and scripts had to be replaced with paint or decals.  I had gotten the call that said “I can incorporate the hood with a stripe“.  I took no time to see the design and set up the appointment. 

            Well the day came to take in the Monte for the major exterior mods and I would not see it for 5 days.  Those were the roughest 5 days in my life.  I was having serious withdrawals and was very anxious to see the finished product.  I did not last a whole week I had to see it.  Despite the daily phone calls to check up on her (as if she even knew the difference).   I stopped by to take a peek after 2 days.  All that had changed was the window tinting and the hood was removed along with the mirrors and window moldings,  and then felt a little better.  I promised my self that after that visit I would not go back no matter how hard it was.  I also decided that whatever else to come  (wheels, tires, carpeting, floor mats, and anything else) had to be done in one day to avoid future withdrawals  When I picked it up on that 5th day I was speechless.  I am still speechless.  It is much better than I had ever imagined it to be, my Monte went from ordinary to extraordinary in 5 days.  I love this MC and that is how it came to be.

Christina Bauer


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