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April 2004            
This 1987 Monte Carlo SS
This 1988 Monte Carlo SS
are owned by Kurt Brandt




The Story........

I graduated high-school in 1995.  During that year, I was looking through the Auto Trader magazine for my own car.  I was looking for something a little more sportier than what I was driving at the time.  Although it was a good car, it was still my dad's 1976 Monte Carlo Landau.Louboutin Schuhe Outlet

I was working part-time and was looking for something that I could afford with my limited budget.  After doing some searching, I started calling around for cars that I thought would be nice to own.  But, I noticed that the cars in my price range needed quite a bit of work done to them and would end up costing me more to fix them up. 

I decided to wait until I could save some money or get a full-time job so that I could afford something nice.  In the fall of '95 I ran across an ad for a nice car at a high-performance car lot.  The description of the car went as a 1987 Monte Carlo SS, black with maroon velour interior, t-tops, PW, PDL, loaded with aluminum wheels and Goodyear tires.  After looking at it the ad for a few weeks in the Auto Trader's Wheels and Deals magazine, I went to check it out on a Friday night. 

Upon arrival, I fell in love with the car at first sight.  It was a beauty.  My dad and I took it for a test drive the next day.  It drove rough, but I thought it was normal for this type of car.  The same afternoon we sat down and worked out the final negotiations.  The following Monday evening, after doing some paperwork, I drove my first car home and its legacy began. 

The car had just a tad over 60k miles on it with the original tires.  For a car that was 8 to 9 year old, it was in excellent shape and only needed minor things.  Included in the photos is a picture of me and my car at my first NMCOA show in Louisville in 1996. 

The next couple years, while paying the car loan off, I took good care of the car and drove it year round.  In the winter of '97, it was garaged.  I discovered that the Monte had a few problems that we weren't told about originally.  I then envisioned this to be a perfect donor car to do some modifications.  I was going to have fun doing it and would make the Monte really nice. 

Late in the summer of 1997, I placed a large order from Original Motion Performance.  I bought a fiberglass cowl induction hood, ground effects, and front black-outs.  Also around the same time I had a company up North in Indiana make some taillight black-outs for me and they turned out great.  I have not seen another set since then.  I didn't put them on until about the summer of '98.  I also went ahead and put the cowl induction hood on and it fit very well, despite the stories I heard of minor fitting problems. 

After I paid the car off in 1999, I bought a professional Pioneer sound system and had help installing it.  I found some nice 1987 Trans Am GTA wheels from a wreck and had them re-done.  I also bought some nice BFG Comp T/A tires with new GM accessories for the wheels.  In addition, I got the windows tinted limo black, had the car lowered using the Bell-Tech platform, installed a GTA power antenna, also installed Lauren Engineering's composite headlight system, and had a Viper remote car alarm installed. 

During this same summer, I had new GM weather-stripping put all around the car and had new factory matching carpet installed.  Once the car was paid off, I was able to save some money.  That money was earmarked for the 305 H.O. motor.  I wanted to see what it could do since this motor ran great.  In 2000, the project got started.  I modified the L69 305 with an Edelbrock intake, Crane Cams 1.6:1 roller rockers, Hooker Super Comp Headers, and a Torque Tech 2-1/2" dual exhaust system to top it off. mbt sko forhandlere

In the summer of 2001, I had the ground effects installed.  The outcome and look was fabulous.  Everything fit the car perfectly and looked like it belonged on the Monte.  The car sported full black-outs (including the special taillight I had previously made in 1997) and side-marker lenses that I had done.  The Monte was named "BLK KNGT" for Black Knight because it was now in full armor. 

Since my 87 was now parked, I had a dispute with my dad about using his car to go back-and-forth to college.  I decided it would be best if I purchased a local black/tan '88SS.  In December of 2000, I purchased the 88 Monte Carlo SS.  I had remembered seeing this car in the Auto Trader magazine a few years earlier for $7800.  I bought the car from the 2nd owners for $2900 minus taxes.  This became my college car. 

This car was optioned with everything available for that year and even had a dealer installed GM Security System car alarm that I never had seen before.  This car had 136k miles on it when purchased.  I figured since this Monte was pretty nice, and since it was the last year of the RWD SS of this era, that I would keep it mostly stock. 

In the summer/fall of 2001 we took out the 305 H.O. motor and had a stock rebuild done. I added dual exhaust, a Bell-Tech lowering kit to give it more of a aggressive stance, a lighter shade of tinted windows, and a nice Pioneer sound system that was left from the '87s earlier days, plus some new components to make it a nice package.  After a good cleanup this fully loaded '88 turned out to be a nice car and it complimented the '87SS. 

During the summer of 2002, I wanted to take the '87s 305 out and modify it. I wanted to  make it a 335 stroker motor, but when I came across a perfect spare 350 short-block for that era ('86-'88) for $50 I jumped right on it.  After purchasing parts for the new motor plus using stuff already present on the 305, I came out with a 10:1 to 10:25 C.R. 385 torque monster stroker motor.  In the end, the only thing stock was the block itself.  At the same time the 200-4R transmission was pulled out and was rebuilt using heavy duty parts, a Pro-Shift shift kit, and even the very last 1987 GM Buick Grand National torque converter from the GM Parts Counter.  The old 305 H.O. came out with 108k miles on the clock and is presently resting on a engine skid.  I will never part with this motor because it ran so great for the 48k miles I drove on it.  I couldn't have asked for a better running motor. 

The '87 pretty much sits 7 months of the year and gets the usual fire-ups.  My plans for it now are to change my fiberglass cowl hood for the newer GoodMark steel cowl hood.  I am going to make it fully functional (if anyone wants to buy my old one please e-mail me), then have the car repainted with my new decals.  This fully loaded car is in excellent shape and I never want to get rid of this thing.  I love it more than words can say and it is a blast. 

As for my '88SS, I plan to keep it pretty much where it is at now.  I have a set of 20" x 8"  144-spoke RWD O.T.D. center-gold Dayton Wire Wheels that I am going to put on it during the summer.  I am going to maintain the car and possibly totally restore it down the road. nike air max pánské

From my perspective and in my opinion, I think that GM made some nice cars in the 80nbsp;I am proud to have a couple examples from the end of the era of the Monte Carlo.  Now, I just need a nice black 1970 Monte Carlo SS454 to join the group.  We'll just have to wait and see what happens after college is finished :)


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